Freshly baked, Japanese indie rock radio and so much more.

Wait a minute! I like it! Join CBR every Thursday for the unique and unexpected potpourri of music for some of Japan's most innovative music artists. Thursday @ 07:00 EST (Thu. 21:00 JST) again @ 19:00 EST (Fri. 09:00 JST)
Join DJ TM Sky on a musical journey through the Indie music scene, past and present, in Chiba Japan. - New Episodes on Fridays @ 05:30 EST (Fri. 19:30 JST) again @ 17:30 EST (Sat. 07:30 JST)
Wake up with the beast damn Japanese indie, dancecore, hi-tension, post-punk band on the planet. The Molice every Monday morning @ 08:30 EST (Mon. 22:30 JST) again @ 20:30 EST (Tue. 10:30 JST)

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