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Curry Bun Radio - 世界中で Around the World
Fri.07:00 & Fri.21:00 EST (金.20:00 & 土.10:00 JST)
Join us for the 'Get Your Genki Show ' every other Sunday on Curry Bun Radio. A transcendent journey through Japan's indie music scene. We'll bring you the freshest underground beats and timeless indie classics to kickstart your love for Japanese music. With your host, Christian.
Every other week on Sun.04:00 & 16:00 EST / 隔週の日曜日 17:00 & 月曜日 05:00 JST
Join DJ TM Sky on a musical journey through the indie music scene, past and present, in Chiba Japan.
New Episodes on Fri.19:00 & Sat.07:00 EST (金.08:00 & 土.20:00 JST)
Soak up the sunshine every day with Monkey Majik.
Everyday at 18:30EST (毎日07:30 JST)
Join us daily at noon and be part of our global lunchtime gathering. It’s a musical bento box where every selection is a delight!
It’s a musical feast every day at 12:00 EST & 12:00 JST. Place you order now!
ようこそ『癒しの道』へ。この番組は、心地よい眠りをサポートするために選び抜かれた30分の音楽で構成されています。日曜日、水曜日、木曜日の毎週、日本時間の23:00に、フォークミュージックやインストゥルメンタルなどの優しい音楽をお届けします。 Curry Bun Radioは、あなたのリラックスしたひとときを大切にします。ぜひ、癒しの時間をお楽しみください。
Wake up with the beast damn Japanese indie, dancecore, hi-tension, post-punk band on the planet. The Molice! Every Monday morning!
Monday’s at 08:30 & 20:30 EST (Mon. 21:30 & Tue. 9:30 JST)
Wait a minute! I like it! Join CBR every Thursday for the unique and unexpected potpourri of music from some of Japan's most innovative music artists.
Thursdays @ 07:00 EST (Thu. 20:00 JST) again @ 19:00 EST (Fri. 08:00 JST)
Cut into 'Playing Hooky,' the sonic rebellion of the Japanese indie scene. From the pulse of Japanese Punk, the raw intensity of Death Metal, and the cutting-edge beats of Rap, we're showcasing the best of Hooky Records. So, tune in, turn up, and let's play hooky together.
Mon. 7:00am & 7:30 pm, Thu. 8:30am&8:30pm, Sat. 2:30am&8:30pm

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